Banús Executive Golf

Banús Executive Golf is a quality concept supported by completely redesigned facilities where golf is the main protagonist. Its 9 holes of three pairs completely redesigned and with new attractions, will make your day of golf very fun.
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What is BEG?

Ángel Durán, director of Banús Executive Golf, tells us why BGE is a totally new concept.
El grupo

Banús Executive Golf is a new concept, focused on the high quality entertainment of all our visitors. Therefore, the new property has focused on not only being a short 9-hole golf course, but has also wanted to divide the project into three parts with a similar importance between them.

Banús Executive Golf will surprise you with its new practice course, its redesign of the field, its easy parking and its restaurant that will leave you speechless.


Banús Executive Golf is located in the exclusive area of Puerto Banús, in Malaga’s Costa del Sol, just 10 kilometers from Marbella.

With more than 320 sunny days a year and mild winters, Banús Executive Golf is the ideal place regardless of the time of year.


The philosophy of this new concept encompasses quality in all its aspects, without leaving any of them in the background. We have thought about the client, who wants to come and enjoy first hand all our facilities.

Our philosophy is undoubtedly the ease with which we do everything, quality and closeness with our client, providing maximum quality in everything we do.

Este gran recorrido de pares tres no sólo te sorprenderá por su gran diseño, sino por su impecable mantenimiento
Cuatro campos de fútbol 7 dotados de vestuarios y gimnasio preparados para equipos de alta competición.


Un nuevo restaurante llamado Dívot hará que tu experiencia en Banú Executive Golf sea inolvidable.